£100.00 GBP

An original, limited-edition reduction linocut print of a robin.
This is an edition of 10 prints.

This friendly robin came into my garden, and life, last winter. Over time (and suet pellets) we became friends and he’d sing at my window if he wanted food, or if the door was open just fly into the house. He’d take food from my palm, and occasionally linger on my fingertips. He brought so much joy. Bobbin, as we named him, decided eventually to move on to a new garden (🙉). I miss him so.

- Original linocut print designed by me, Judy Holloway
- Hand carved, hand printed
- Image size (approx.) 110mm x 170mm
- Cranfield Caligo SafeWash Oil Relief Ink
- Zerkall 145gsm printing paper
- Unmounted and unframed

All prints are unique. The hand printed burnishing process (without a press) gives natural variations which are part of the charm.